If you are wondering what to pack in a diaper bag, think no more. I have got a complete diaper bag essentials guide for you that will not only help you pack the most important things for your diaper bags but will also help you take along some of the things which you might need when you are stuck in a tricky situation.

1.Baby Diapers – You must carry the number of diapers depending upon the time you are going out for. You might also want to carry some extra diapers in case you think you will need some more time outside your home.

2.Diaper Changing Pad – You have an option to choose a disposable or a permanent soft changing pad which will help you to place your kid comfortably while you are changing the diapers. Most of the diaper bags come with disposable changing pads which can be thrown after use. If you do not want to use the changing pads, you can carry a soft towel which can be used for the kid.

3.Wipes & Tissues – Wipes and tissues can be really helpful when you have dirty hands or want to wipe off the kids or yourself in case the child spills something. Also, they are really a necessity when you are done with changing diapers. More at http://bestrateddiaperbags.com/.

4.Plastic Bags – The main use of the plastic bags is to store soiled diapers as well as wet or dirty clothes. They might also be used for storing the blankets and other necessary items if need be. You can use disposable or biodegradable bags if you want.

5.Milk Bottle & Water Bottle – If you are bottle feeding your baby, milk bottle or bottle of formula might be a good thing to carry in your bag. Also, for a little grown up babies, you might want to carry a bottle of water because they might need it after every 1-2 hours.

6.Extra Clothes for Baby – It is always a good practice to carry an extra pair of clothes for the baby in case he makes the existing ones dirty or spills something on them. The extra clothes though, are needed if you are going out for a long time.

7.Food Items – For a little grown up babies, something to munch on is really necessary. It would, hence, make sense to carry some snacks or some food items depending upon what the baby likes and the time you are going out.
8.Rash Cream & Sunscreen – To prevent the baby from diaper rashes, a diaper rash cream is a must to put in your bag. You can choose a very small tube (like a sample size) to put in the bag which will not take a lot of space. If you are planning to go out in the sun with your child, keeping a sunscreen and a hat would ensure that the baby is not getting uncomfortable under the sun.

9.Small Blanket – During the time of winters or chilly nights, a blanket is an item which will keep your child warm and help him sleep well staying protected from the outside chill. For this, you will need a large diaper bag but you might choose a very small blanket to carry along if you don’t have a large bag.

10.Toys – Having at least one toy for your child really helps them to laugh when they are crying or at least stay busy in playing with it while you attend to your important activities. If you have more space, you can carry two to three toys which will keep your child busy and entertained.

11.Pacifiers (if you use) – Pacifier, or some other item of comfort if your child uses them, should surely be one of the items in your diaper bag checklist. This is of utmost importance as your child might need it anytime.

12.Extra Clothes for You – You might also want to keep a pair of extra clothes (or at least a top) for yourself just in case the clothes you are wearing get dirty or your child spills something on them. There are times at which my clothes have been spoiled while changing the diapers of my children. So this is a common thing to keep if you are going for a long time outdoors.

13.Hand Sanitizer – A hand sanitizer would be really useful when you are on the move or are at a place where you will not be able to wash your hands easily. A hand sanitizer doesn’t consume a lot of space and can easily fit into a diaper bag organizer.

14.First Aid Kit – Although it is a very necessary item but a diaper bag might not be a good place to store it. However, if you are just going alone with your child for an outdoor activity, just as jogging in the park or going for a long walk, keeping the first aid kit with yourself would be a great idea. If you cannot keep the whole kit, just keep bandages and some anti-septic medicines for your child and yourself.

15.Emergency Details – You must always keep emergency contact information with you. Things like a doctor’s number, your family numbers and your emergency numbers must be stored on a speed dial in your phone so that you do not have to spend time to find such information.

16.Diaper Bag Organizer – Whenever you want to use a diaper bag to its full potential, you can use a diaper bag organizer to have different sections and pockets in the bad and you can then place things very easily in each section. This keeps the bag organized and helps you find the things of great importance very easily. More at http://bestrateddiaperbags.com/men-need-ultimate-guy-diaper-bag-looks-cool/.

I hope this diaper bag checklist gives you a good idea of what to put in a baby diaper bag and from now onwards, you will refer to this checklist for your diaper bag packing needs. Although I have covered this part briefly but if you are looking for more information on how to make a diaper bag, just let me know and I will make sure that I update my website to provide information in detail.