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Don’t forget the diaper totes for dads, either. When dad needs to take your little one out, he can try the Diaper Dude – Black Diaper Bag or the Diaper Dude – Flap Messenger II in Camo. These are just two examples of the types of bags available for dads these days. You can look great and still have everything you need for your little one when you go out.
What Goes in Your Diaper Bag for your boy

Once you have the perfect and best diaper bag, it’s time to sort out what should go in it. It’s obvious that you will need diapers but how many? And what else do you need to go with the diapers? It will vary from parent to parent and also the age of your child and how many children you are packing in the same bag but here are some general guidelines about what goes in it:

6-8 diapers, depending on how long you will be out
Travel wipes
Diaper rash ointment
A changing pad
1-2 changes of clothing
A plastic baggie for soiled clothing (you know how babies will seep sometimes)
Then you will also want to add things to your bag that your baby will need for feeding such as formula, bottles, jarred food and spoons (if your baby is old enough), bibs, burp cloths, and bottled water. In addition, you want to add any toys or soothing items that your baby will love during your outing. Teething rings, his favorite toy, small board books and blankets are all good ideas. More at