Diaper bags come in wide range of styles and varieties. These are categorized in broadly 3 types which are: More at http://bestrateddiaperbags.com/.
1.Tote Diaper Bags
Tote bags are the ones which have two short lashes and one shoulder belt. They have a big storage compartment. These are the most popular types of bags. These are must have for moms. Look very stylish and go well with your dress.
2.Messenger Diaper Bags
These have a long shoulder belt which goes from your shoulder across your chest. Unisex, uber-cool, stylish and great for outdoors; look great while wearing a casual dress.

3.Backpack Diaper Bags
Backpacks have two straps which go over your shoulder and rest on your back. These bags are great when heading for outdoor activities. Popular among men and do not forget that dads also need a style statement. More at http://bestrateddiaperbags.com/choosing-best-lightweight-diaper-bag/.