So what makes a good diaper bag for flying? If you are planning a vacation or are a regular flier, then having a diaper bag that ticks all the boxes for that is a very important consideration. Between the new regulations brought in by the latest security measures, and those put in place by the airlines, it really can be tough to know what really is allowed.

However, given the current circumstances with both local and even International travel, then we have little choice but to work within those guidelines. Based on that information, I have put together a list of what I think are the best diaper bags for air travel.

Carry On Diaper Bag Policies at Airports
Different airlines have different policies sadly, and these policies also are different if you are on an internal flight or an International flight. It would be too simple if they could all agree a standard policy! It really is a very frustrating thing though. However as a general guideline, and in terms of carry on luggage, most airlines allow you to have 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item such as a briefcase, a laptop bag or a purse. A Diaper bag would also fall into that category. More at

American airlines for example allow the bag to be up to 14 x 9 x 22″ Each airline is different though, but most are understanding enough as they know that parents will need to have a diaper bag, especially with a baby or toddler. Normally you can find this information out when booking your ticket, and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Always ask about this when booking as these type of travelling policies change all the time.

For your own purposes though the important things to remember when buying a diaper bag for travel, is that it will be durable, hold everything you need and be easy to get in and out of. It will also need to have a good changing pad as that will be used a lot. In most cases, you should be able to keep it tucked under the seat in front of you. The only place where you are not allowed to do that is the emergency exits. Once again the air staff on the plane should be able to help you with that.

One other piece of information that I think is useful, is to understand just how little room there is inside an aircraft toilet facility. It is pretty cramped and changing options become very limited. A changing pad is a must though.
What Are the Best Diaper Bags for Airline or International Travel?
In reality whether you are travelling by plane, car or any other method the way you pack your diaper bag will definitely change, and I know this from experience. The question that I asked myself, was there actually any such thing as a diaper travel bag? The answer to that was yes there are. My next question was pretty simple and that was to find out if they were in fact any good, or just another gadget? Now there are not that many specifically designed for travel, but here are some of the ones that I did find with reviews on them.

Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack for Travel
I found myself that backpacks are probably the best way to go when travelling. It seems that there are just times when you really need three hands, and a backpack does keep both hands free.
This one from Okkatots is a popular choice for many parents and it is available in black, gray, navy and red. It holds up to 16 large diapers which is key when travelling, and has insulated pockets for a few bottles and sippy cups. This is I think the best travel diaper bag around at the moment.

It measures 19.5 x 15 x 6″ so that is a good size bag and it weighs around 3 pounds so not too heavy when empty. It is strong and durable and I think those two features are vital so as the bag can last you for a very long time. Almost 150 buyers over at Amazon rate this bag 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is an extremely high rating. From that alone you get the reassurance that most people are very pleased when they buy this bag.

If you have a look at the picture below, you get a much better sense of just how this backpack can be used to hold everything you will need for your baby when going on vacation or travelling.

They have pretty much thought about everything and at around the $100 price tag, they should have. I liked the ventilated pouch that held a couple of pacifiers, and I particularly liked the waterproof pouch, that kept the wet things well away from all the dry gear. This bag comes with a plastic wipe dispenser which means you can buy those op open tubs and just set them in. That makes life a great deal easier.

You can get four 8 ounce bottles into the bottle holder, and when you think it also holds up to 16 diapers, then I can tell you that when you have done that, then there is still a ton of room left, and a lot of pockets to use as you will. It is small wonder that this bag ticks the boxes for almost any travelling parent.

Clic-It Smart Diaper Hand Travel Bag System
At the other end of the scale, we have a diaper travel bag for around $15, but it also gets good reviews and an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. It is a decent sized bag measuring 11.5 x 17.5 x 5″ and weighing only 2.6 pounds. One of the key features is that this bag is certainly quick to open and close. It has a large back pocket, two front pockets and two side bottle pockets.
While it is not anywhere as good as the first one that I have reviewed it is less than a fifth of the price. I also think it looks good but it does only come in the one color which is green. This bag does not come with any of the accessories, so just be aware of that if you are looking at any of the pictures.

To be honest it isn’t one that I would recommend unless you are on a really tight budget.

The First Years Deluxe Fold and Go Diapering Kit

This one came recommended to me and those who recommended this one, were parents who just wanted something that they could quickly use when on the go. Over 100 people have left a review over at Amazon and an average rating of 4.5, so clearly quite a few people like this one. For around $10 I can see why. It is cheap and cheerful and will do the job, though I would be slightly concerned about its durability.
It is available in black/gray, black/green, black/pink and gray/multi-dot and measures 10.2 x 2 x 5.8 so much smaller than any of the bags we have looked at so far. That said it weighs only 4.8 ounces so really light to carry. This bag only holds a couple of diapers so for short trips, you could probably get away with using this one. More at

Personally I don’t think this bag is ideal for airline travel other than a short domestic flight, and even then, I think you would be hard pushed to only have this as a bag. It is however light and convenient for parents and will just about hold enough for a short trip.

So clearly the first one that I have mentioned is the best but it is also the most expensive. Going with a backpack though does make a lot of sense when you are travelling. You can sling it on to your back and it leaves both your hands free to wheel your suitcases, hold your hand luggage, have a drink etc.

If you have both a toddler and a baby, then you will know that you have to hold the toddler’s hand. A backpack makes this possible so ideal in that situation. If I do find other bags I will of course add them to my list.