Are you presently a fresh Mom or Dad who requires a small baby bag for quick trips on the corner store? These diaper bags will not be too big, and definitely will carry enough supplies for running errands or taking the baby towards the park. Small diaper bags holds the essentials, yet not occupy too much room. Here are several of our favorite picks:

The Skip Hop Pronto is actually a diaper changing kit that holds everything you need to switch out a dirty diaper while on the run. The bag clips to the stroller or could be carried by way of a wrist strap. More at


Another favorite may be the Ju Ju Between. This diaper bag was created for the busy parent. It has a place for those essentials a lively parent needs. The Ju Ju Be Quick Baby Bag can be another favorite for your parent who doesn’t wish to possess a huge tote. This little bag holds enough for 1 or 2 changes. More at

The Jeep Mini Tote Baby Bag is a great choice when you want to travel light. The drawstring top makes access simple and easy , the pockets throughout the bottom are perfect for holding the quick essentials.

Every parent needs a good small baby bag to make use of if they are setting up a quick trip. These are one of the best and all hold everything necessary for the care of your infant.